State of the Art Technology


Customer Online Payment Portal

Customers may access our on-line payment portal 24 hours a day/seven days a week, and make check or credit card payments on their accounts.

Customer Account Access Portal

Additionally, customers may pay access their account information online to pay an account in full, view their account balances, present a settlement offer (in accordance with client guidelines), or setup a payment arrangement. The ease and convenience of this portal has proven to be an effective tool in our recovery efforts.

Client View™ Portal

Clients have access to our on-line client portal 24 hours a day/seven days a week.  With this portal, you are able to view real-time account balances, statements and reports. It will also allow you to refer new accounts, add notes regarding an existing account, update account information, or report payments.


Express Recovery Services has the capabilties to send your customers notices and payment reminders conveniently through email at their request.  The email is sent securely and the account information is encrypted and password protected.  This increases convenience for the customer as well as reducing the time necessary to get the required information to the customer.  Our software will also track delivery and opening of the email notices.

Call Recording

At ERS all calls are recorded and reviewed by management regularly.  With this tool, management is able to reward employees for outstanding calls as well as identify and correct areas where improvement is needed.  Employees also perform peer reviews on other calls during monthly staff meetings.  Call recordings are available to be emailed to clients upon request.

Automated Payment Plans

ERS has the capability to set up automated pament plans with customers. This automatically debits or charges the monthly payment for the consumer in the form of payment they desire. This method greatly increases the percentage of payment plans that are successfully completed.  The customer can "set it and forget it" with friendly reminders sent prior to payments being processed.

Customer Surveys

We actively solicit feedback from customers to ensure a positive collection experience.  You can find out more about our surveys by clicking here. A sample of our survey can be found here.