Put Our Experience and Resources to Work for You


Providing Your Business the Resources You Need

Our Customized pre-collect solutions are tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our programs offer diplomatic, inexpensive and highly effective methods to substantially reduce your accounts receivable costs and increase cash flow.  These programs were developed to assist our clients in making their in-house efforts less expensive, less time consuming and more effective.

We act as an extension of your business office and in accordance with your own intermal billing and telephone policies and procedures. We offer unique business solutions ranging from appointment reminders to customer satisfaction surveys to insurance follow up. The process is concise, fully automated and seamless, ensuring optimal results.

Mailing Services

We can begin sending billing notices at any stage you desire. Notices can be sent on your company letterhead. Additionally, all payments are directed to a designated lockbox or address of your choice. All notices are approved by you and will include a return envelope with a perforated payment stub.  In addition to pre-collect notices, we can provide various mailings to your current customers including appointment reminders, insurance follow up customer satisfaction surveys, or for any other business need you may identify.

Customized Call Campaigns

We can make and/or receive telephone calls as an extension of your business office for any purpose you may need. Our staff is fully trained to make effective collection calls while acting in a professional manner, maintaining your relationship with your customer.

Additionally, we can utilize our predictive dialing system to provide a wide-range of services including appointment reminders, insurance follow up and customer satisfaction surveys.

Solutions to your Specific Needs

We offer solutions in areas that far exceed other pre-collect or early out companies. We provide services to give you the flexibility you need to focus on your business and let us focus on contacting your customers for whatever purpose you may need. We utilize state of the art technology giving your business access to resources not generally available in-house. This allows us to more effectively contact your customers.

Our staff is knowledgeable and trained to understand the objectives and goals of our clients. We will work with you to develop customized telephone scripts and notices tailored to meet your needs. Our programs operate in a completely transparent manner, your customers will not even realize they are not dealing wiith your office.  The choice os program is up to each client based on their needs and objectives.