Our Positive Collection Approach

Unlike the abrasive, hard-line approach used by so many agencies, ERS utilizes a positive collection approach. Our Professional Collection Specialists act less like “bill collectors” and more as professional negotiators and counselors, helping the customer to resolve the debt in a manner that allows them to maintain their dignity. Our collection specialists advise the customer of the problem and work with them toward finding a solution. We educate customers as to their rights and responsibilities, helping them to avoid any potential long term negative effects as a result of non-payment.

This approach builds a rapport with our customers and conveys a willingness to work with them to solve the problem as quickly as possible. This further enables our collection specialists to respond more effectively to the customer’s objections to paying the debt. Our professionals are trained to “speak the same language,” not talk down to the customers, and understand the challenges the customer faces.

Our positive collection approach is more likely to secure payment than the confrontational approach employed by most agencies. We motivate customers to work with us to repay the debt, while eliminating complaints.

All of our staff members are not only required to comply with all State and Federal laws, but are expected to go above and beyond that measure to act with the highest ethical standards. Staff members are required to abide by the Collector’s Pledge and in accordance with ACA International’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Additionally, we are the only agency to actively solicit customer feedback by placing a link to our customer satisfaction survey on several of our customer notices. Collection Specialists are encouraged and rewarded for positive surveys and a monthly drawing is held among customer respondents to encourage feedback.

Take a look at our customer survey.