Clear Management Solutions

Express Recovery Services, Inc. billing company is titled Clear Management Solutions (CMS), and provides early out billing for patient portion, self-pay and co-pay accounts. CMS saves you money by freeing up your employees to deal with insurance claims. All notices are sent by CMS and can save thousands of dollars per month. Our employees handling billing are trained specifically for early out accounts and work with your patients to resolve outstanding balances in a professional manner. Your patients are provided with a toll free number and return envelopes for convenience. CMS, with authority, will be logged on to your computer system enabling us to explain in detail date of service, charges, and all other information to patient to resolve the matter in real time. Direct access also assists in gathering information from patient such as possible insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, secondary insurance, etc. that is imperative for hospitals' rebilling.

Overall, CMS saves time, money and works very closely with you, much as an extension of your business office, to clear up unmanageable patient responsible account receivables.